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Leading by example during our tenure as stewards of the land, we will leave a legacy to our future generations and instill in them the importance to conserve and improve the health of the soil and environment.

Planting Soybeans into Rye

Rolling down cereal rye this morning after no-till planting soybeans. We are using what equipment we had already on the farm here, and only using the roller on the rear of the implement. The rye is pollinating, which is a great time to roll it down, killing it. This cover crop has helped soak up the excess rainfall this spring, but also kept the moisture in place for the soybeans. Not to mention prevented soil erosion from heavy rains. Also, the rye will help prevent weeds from germinating. Compared to other places we no-tilled soybeans with no cereal rye cover crop, this was the best planting conditions we have had all spring. You can bet we will be doing more of this next year!

Watch the video here:


Watching Cover Crops Work

Dan is admiring the cover crop stand this morning he seeded into corn back in June. After the above average corn crop was harvested, these cover crops continue to flourish recycling nutrients, retaining soil and water from runoff, build organic matter, feed the microbial life in the soil and even grow some nitrogen! All of which the following corn crop will benefit from as well.


Live from the Combine

Follow along LIVE from the combine during wheat harvest! We took over the Illinois Farm Families Facebook page to give local consumers a glimpse at what we do and why.

Watch the video here:

Spring Fever

Spring fever has hit the Sanderson seed shed! We have been busy treating seed, organizing orders, and getting seed to customers. Planting is just around the corner!

New(ish) Tractor

Jerry bought a new tractor! Well, its actually a 1995 Deere… but it still has a lot of work to do for us on the farm!

Cover Crop Views

Not a bad view for March! Happy cows grazing on leftover corn stalks and cover crops sprouting.
A new calf and litter of spotted piglets at Dale’s house are sure signs of spring!

The Sanderson Farm in 1936

This is Walter (Jerry’s dad) on an F-20 tractor back in 1936. Our farm looks quite a bit different today, but we always remember where we came from!

2016-02-17 14.38.57

First calf of 2016 on the ground!

Naturally, Cow #16 decided to have her calf the day before temps were expected to drop below zero for a few days, but the calf is warm and dry and has access to the indoors and a nice bed of straw. A successful first birth for 2016!


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